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Amy Family
Amy with her sons Chase and Jesse

Artist Statement
Amy James is a black and white photographer that shoots traditionally, using silver
and film, who prints all of her work by hand in her darkroom. Her passion for the darkroom is what keeps her from crossing over into the digital world of photography. "The darkroom is my haven- a sacred place where skill and craft come together...a place where the image created remains a mystery until the lights come on...a place where no two images will ever turn out to be exactly the same. The craft of creating the image has always been what intrigued me the most about photography...perhaps because I was trained as a painter. But the moment I learned that the darkroom could provide as much of a challenge as the empty canvas, I was hooked."

Amy prefers to shoot primarily portraiture, setting her subjects against natural environments and/or landscapes, and uses only natural light to illuminate them. She feels that by using natural light, a quality of depth, plus a richness of tone is more present in the final image. She hopes for the photographs to intrigue you enough to make you want to come back to them, visually, or just in memory, by capturing something that goes deeper than their surface content.

Amy has photographed many of her subjects for their entire lives...from birth through childhood, then on to adulthood. "This has been an incredible photographic journey for me...especially having my own pets, friends, and family members as some my favorite subjects." she says. "I often hear the word soulful used when others are describing my work...I like that description and feel it is due to the element of story telling in their nature, or perhaps a feeling they evoke in someone. I feel this quality allows them to be viewed and appreciated on multiple levels...whether it's simply as portraits, or even as art pieces."